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Danielle Moore


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Danielle Moore is an award-winning real estate professional and Certified Negotiation Expert serving the Dauphin, Cumberland, and York counties. As an experienced realtor and seven-year industry veteran, Danielle understands that purchasing or selling a home is a life-changing transaction that requires a deft touch, which is why she is committed to creating excellent, personalized service for every client. 

Whether you’re buying your first home or looking to move up, Danielle brings the same level of dedication to each individual. Even though she didn’t get licensed until 2014, Danielle actually started investing in real estate as early as 2008, giving her more than a decade of industry expertise. It was her desire to help others that encouraged her to get her license. 

Strong marketing skills combined with in-depth insight into the local market help her stand out from the rest. Danielle is adaptable, an excellent and advantageous quality to have in an industry that is constantly evolving. Danielle prides herself in staying ahead of the latest trends to offer her clients the most innovative and efficient services.

Driven, responsive, and goal-oriented, Danielle will always provide an authentic touch to every interaction. Not every client is meant for every agent, but she will always provide you with a straightforward and honest approach. Nothing makes her more proud than knowing her clients feel comfortable enough to trust her in guiding them through the process.

When she isn’t working hard for her clients, Danielle likes to travel and attend live music performances. She loves the food, entertainment, and lively atmosphere of Central Pennsylvania and can often be found participating in Crossfit and roller derby.

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If you're looking for an agent that will get the job done, an agent that is authentic and genuine, and an agent that does things a bit differently than the rest, D is that agent!